In loving memory of
Tom Stewart III,
Jim Sylvester, and
John West Sr.

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Chief James Sylvester

Jim was born a leader and friend to all who knew him.  He was a loving husband, brother and son.  To all, he was loyal, dependable, thoughtful, proud, caring and accountable.  Jim’s focus was always on his family, friends and the Fire Department. 
Jim was the supervisor of the Mount Ephraim Public Works Department, a member of the Planning Board and served the Mount Ephraim Fire Department as Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, State Certified EMT, Junior Firefighter and Trustee.  He also taught at the Camden County Fire Academy, and was a member of the Camden County Fire Chief’s Association and the NJ State Firemen’s Association Exempt. 
Jim met the love of his life, Marilyn, at the Firefighter’s Convention in Wildwood in 1992 through mutual friends.   In September of 1997, again at the Firefighter’s Convention,  Jim and Marilyn returned to the hotel they were staying in after a day out, and Marilyn noticed a banner that said “Mar, will you marry me? Love, Jim”  

They were married in October of 1999 and supported each other’s goals and had many dreams they wanted to fulfill together.  The most important of these was to raise a loving family.  
Sadly, Marilyn was eight months pregnant with their first child when Jim made the ultimate sacrifice.   He never got the chance to hold his daughter.   Today, Brittany is a smart, beautiful young lady who loves to dance!   Jim would be so proud of whom she has become and the wonderful job Marilyn has done in raising her!
Marilyn and Brittany continue to be surrounded by family, friends and the Mount Ephraim Fire Department who try to be there for them in good times and bad.  One thing that is for sure…..Jim will never be forgotten!